About Studio


NMD Studio started on a dream and a piece of paper. November 2019, I was no longer working for Balletworks, as it had closed. It was nearing Christmas and I would normally be preparing for our annual Balletworks Nutcracker celebration. I had been talking to dance parents and dancers, we were all very sad that our normal tradition was gone. As I was hanging ornaments… Eueka! I knew what to do! My childhood ballet dreams were coming through. I would put on my OWN Nutcracker! Not just for the annual tradition of it, but to get my dance family back together again and for us to do what we love doing best – Dance! After much thought and contemplation I decided I would not be able to pull off our usual Nutcracker. So I put a little spin on the traditional Nutcracker and created – One Last Journey – a New Year’s Eve Nutcracker! Our dance family all pulled together, it was such a special MONTH AND A HALF getting ready for the show (still can’t believe that)! There was so much love, support, determination, commitment, and sense of community, that I knew I needed to continue this. And that was how NMD Studios was born!