NMD Studio started on a dream and a piece of paper. November 2019, I was no longer working for Balletworks, as it had closed. It was nearing Christmas and I would normally be preparing for our annual Balletworks Nutcracker celebration. I had been talking to dance parents and dancers, we were all very sad that our normal tradition was gone. As I was hanging ornaments… Eueka! I knew what to do! My childhood ballet dreams were coming through. I would put on my OWN Nutcracker! Not just for the annual tradition of it, but to get my dance family back together again and for us to do what we love doing best – Dance! After much thought and contemplation I decided I would not be able to pull off our usual Nutcracker. So I put a little spin on the traditional Nutcracker and created – One Last Journey – a New Year’s Eve Nutcracker! Our dance family all pulled together, it was such a special MONTH AND A HALF getting ready for the show (still can’t believe that)! There was so much love, support, determination, commitment, and sense of community, that I knew I needed to continue this. And that was how NMD Studios was born!


Miss Nicole was born and raised in Barnstable, Ma with her amazing parents and 5 sisters. She started dancing when she was three years old at the then Massachusetts State Ballet (Sabrina’s Balletworks). Due to a family death, Miss Nicole unfortunately stopped taking Ballet at age 7. Miss Nicole was excited to start back a few years later. Miss Nicole continued Ballet under the teaching of Miss Sabrina Vaz-Barros at Sabrina’s Balletworks, as well as many other profound teachers at their studio. After 12+ years of dancing with Balletworks, Miss Nicole graduated both Barnstable High School and Balletworks. After graduating, Miss Nicole began working for Miss Sabrina Vaz, helping her with secretarial duties, helping run daily studio life, all while attending Cape Cod Community College. After a year she began co-teaching with Miss Sabrina and taking teaching programs through Dance Teacher Life. Miss Nicole has been spreading her love for dance for 6 years now! She loves especially to work with the younger dancers as they bring so much joy to each class! She is currently working on attending more programs at Dance Teacher Life and other dance programs while running her studio. Miss Nicole is so excited to begin this new Dance journey!


I have been an administrative assistant for 25 years. I also worked several years in customer service. I was in ballet classes when I was younger, and have danced Middle Eastern Dance for about 12 years. I love dancing and the way it makes me feel. I love the joy it brings to my heart and my body. I became a dance mom when my son was three. At two, after watching an episode of Daniel Tiger, my son said to me, “mama I want to be the nutcracker in The Nutcracker. You need to get me ballet classes.” Little did I know that this desire would lead me to an amazing dance family. Miss Nicole has been teaching my son since he was three. I am so grateful for her! When Miss Nicole decided to open her own studio I was so happy to help however I could, as Miss Nicole has an amazing gift and I wanted as many children to have access to her amazingness as possible! So my role has evolved from dance mom and backstage helper to administrative assistant to Miss Nicole at NMD Studio. Nicole has built such an amazing studio and I am so grateful to be a part of it. I look forward to being able to help NMD Studio continue to blossom and grow!


I have been in IT, graphics, and web design for years. I have also worked in security and crowd management. One of my favorite roles though is being a dance dad. My son has been dancing with Miss Nicole since he was three. I have always been a people person and being at my son’s dance classes enabled me to meet some great people and become part of an amazing dance family. When Miss Nicole decided to start her own studio I knew that I wanted to help in any way I could. So my part in the studio became to “make things pretty”. I love designing logos, websites, social media posts, and more. I knew that my skill would be helpful to Miss Nicole in her new endeavors. I am so grateful to be part of NMD Studio!