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Rules and Regulations of NMDStudio and Masjah Studio: I take full responsibility for myself and my Dancer in class and/or on studio grounds. I take full responsibility for any loss or damage to my property or affiliates property while on studio grounds. I take full responsibility for any bodily injury which may occur in class or on studio grounds. I have read all NMDStudio & Masjah Studio’s Covid Rules and Procedures, and understand that I, my dancer, and any guardian etc. that may enter studio grounds must abide by these rules. I understand, If an event occurs, where the Government orders a Mandate shutdown, all classes will switch to remote, and your payment will cover the month of class(es) your dancer is registered. I understand that NMDStudio, Masjah Studio and it’s affiliates prohibits drinking/smoking/drug use in or on studio grounds and property. I release NMDStudio, Masjah Studio and its Affiliates from any loss, damage or injury. I Authorize NMDStudio and it’s staff to bring myself or the child to the nearest medical facility if the need arises. I give NMDStudio and affiliates permission to use my child or mine photo in any print,advertising, or social media. I understand there is a registration fee of $15 for single dancers and $25 for a Family for all dancer’s and due when signing up my dancer or myself. I understand that if the fee is not paid my child’s spot or mine will not be held and my dancer or I can not participate in class. I have read and understand the Covid Regulations(see attached rules and regulations page) . I understand I Must sign in and out with the Teacher or Front desk staff upon arrival and departure. I understand if there is another parent/guardian, friend etc, picking up my child I must let the teacher or front desk staff know and the person must also sign in or out depending on the situation. I understand I must give NMDStudio a 2 week warning if my child is dropping a class. I understand that if my dancer is dropping a class I must submit a 2 week warning or I will be responsible for the next month’s tuition. I have read and understand all rules and regulations listed above for NMDStudio and Masjah Studio and its affiliates